Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

After 3 years; is Iraq better or worse?

There is no easy way to answer this question because we don’t have standard criteria to gauge a big country with a complicated regional and international relations like Iraq. The existed situation is much worse than in 2003 however this should not be taken as that Iraq is better under the previous dictator regime.

Iraq and the region is certainly better without one of the most tyrant regime in the area but the existed leaders of the different parties and groups showed no difference from the other dictators in their mentality. They are responsible directly for the delay of formation of government based on the December election!

Iraq is bleeding and incubates foreign organisms which try to kill and divide its body into non-viable parts. The antidote for such organisms and poisons are not complicated but the people of Iraq left alone to fight terrorists from different kinds and supported by big neighboring countries. These countries are now pushing the country into civil war. The aim of these countries is to tell the others and their people that their countries needing dictator regimes and not democracy. In one word they want the American to fail in Iraq and escape without achieving any kind of security in Iraq. Some of this failure started to manifest clearly especially after the failure of the formation of a government.

Death and killing in Iraq become a daily event and apprehension of death is a concomitant issue with every person. The (Iraqi politicians) who fight for the power are their hands stained with the blood of the innocent Iraqis.

Iraq as the rest of the world is much better without Saddam but much worse in every other aspect especially the security.

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