Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Where is the democracy in Iraq gone?

In Dec 2005 the Iraqis went to the voting stations and cast their voices for many parties. The voting was successful because 75% of the Iraqis voted which is a large percentage.
However since then until now and in spite the progressive deterioration in the security situation and the continuation of the daily killing and destruction, the process is still far from the least achievement.

Three months in a country ripped apart by daily terrorism, killing thousands of innocent Iraqis and on a verge of civil war, yet no permanent government standing to hold the tumbling poles.

In any country the presence of a stable and strong government is very important for the stability and security. The matter is even more important in a country like Iraq.

On the other hand what kind of democracy is this that external and internal sources dictate its own agenda on the 75% of the Iraqis who voted?!

We mentioned before and will repeat the same thing here again; that one of the main causes of hate and abomination to the United State in the Middle East is the widespread believe of the people that the USA is the cause of imposing the dictatorship regime on them. This is how the Al-Qaeda in many countries succeeded to recruit people and we saw today how they show that they are still strong enough in Pakistan, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Iraq as we mentioned before is the test to refute such theory and the democracy should be allowed to get its own way with out dictations otherwise any failure here will be seen as a victory for those who stand by the above mentioned theory.

We are not against formation of national unity government but those who delay its formation are helping the continuation of instability and lack of security with all of its consequences.

The government may be formed from all parties taking in account those who were supported by the majority of Iraqis. The Iraqi Shiites, Sunnis, Kurds and others are welcome to work together but not those who support the terrorists or those who hide the killers of the Iraqis in their houses and lands. There is a limit as well for those who had corruption during their time in power.

We believe that the USA is better work with the Iraqi people. America in Iraq succeeds with the Iraqis on the street and ordinary Iraqis (those who voted) and not with the self-appointed leaders or self-chosen leaders.

No and millions of No for the killers of the innocent people and to their supporters and Yes and million of Yes for the real freedom and real democracy and for those who fight terrorism and criminals without discrimination.

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