Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iraqi Democracy is a Farce

Three months passed since the election and in spite of the long time taken to count the votes the Iraqi parties still unable to form a government.

Some of these parties had their chance before and it has been shown that they had lot of corruption. Others are supportive for the terrorism while some are weak to form the government.

We are not with any one of these parties but would like to see that there is a real democracy and the voices of the Iraqi people cast in the voting boxes respected.

The last few weeks indicated that there is no real democracy at all but groups of parties that had variable external support fighting for power while the Iraqis are killed daily.

Democracy means respect to voting people and not based on the ethnic or racial quota.

All what we have now is a number of (politicians) trying to win a power even if it is inside the green zone alone and no matter if the country is destroyed, and blood stained everywhere.

These politicians and those who delay the political process and deviating it from its real path of the voting boxes results are not concerned about the daily killing of the Iraqi people by the terrorists.

It is time for the Iraqis to act against those who play with their lives and blood. The situation is too critical and becomes unbearable.

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