Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iraq is Burning

The sequential process of killings and destruction is continuing every day in Iraq.

The magnitude and the kinds of crimes are out of the ability to be covered by single media. No news agency or reporters can cover all the scale of the crimes happening daily in Iraq. The odd days are those when there are no major bombs not to mention the daily discovered mutilated and killed bodies for women, children and men everywhere.

The yesterday attacks on the Sadar city was a real massacre however it was not the only one in Baghdad. Sadar city is a slum district in which more than 1.5 millions of poor Shiite civilians live. It had been ignored during all the previous regimes governing Iraq for many decades, however, the ignorance converted into destructions and large scale oppressions during the role of Saddam regime.

Sadar city got many poor open markets and most of its people work as temporary laborers to provide the daily sustenance for their families. The houses are crowded, small and old with poor roads and no or rudimentary services. Many families live in one house which lacks the most basic facilities. In spite of that the city delivered many intellectuals, university graduates, doctors, engineers, architects and artists.

Yesterday 6 bomb cars have been exploded in one of poorest markets in the city of Sadar resulted in 350 causalities between killed and wounded. Again there is no discrimination for who was killed; children, women and elderly were not excluded. It was another tragedy in a country the number of tragedies happening is countless.

By the time the Iraqi blood shed vastly and the country burning the hypocritical Iraqi politicians (without exception) are busy in finding ways around the result of the election to control power even if it is built over the heads of the decapitated people by the terrorists. None of these (semi-leaders) got a real democratic and tolerant mentality. There is no difference between them and any Middle East dictator among the regional neighbors.

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