Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Infantile behavior of the Iraqi Politicians

After decades of wars and sever economic blockades ending with occupation Iraq has moved one step forward regarding the freedom from dictatorship however entered into another tunnel sending it many years backward.

We know that the neighbors of Iraq which all got dictator regimes working hardly to prevent any progress towards democratic Iraq, but the main obstacle for this is the Iraqi parties themselves.

It is logical after any election the winning parties form a government and the others became opposition until the next election and so on. In the case of the Iraqi parties they know nothing about such democracy but they have a mentality no difference from the other Middle East dictators.

There are three groups of such parties, namely; those who won the majority of voices; those who got much less voices and those who boycotted it.

The third group who boycotted it are the political wing of the terrorist organizations however some of them trying to win power on the basis of Middle Eastern dictator ways. They are trying to withhold any progress for formation of government. Some of the secular parties like Allawi group have joined them with the same mentality of jumping on power on a tank or any thing else. Power is the main aim of such group and they therefore of no different from ME regimes.

The second group or those who won fewer voices who are mainly among Sunni groups played the card of ethnic minority not to aim for serving Iraq or even the group they represent but their lust for power. They are another obstacle for stability and progress.

The winners of the more voices are the Iraqi Union (Hakem group) and they are weakened by the squeeze from other sides as well as they lack political maneuvering and will.

One group remained to play over the rope and again just to serve its own cause and power control which is the Kurdish alliance.

That is not the end but there is the main outside player which is the USA that got very large troops in Iraq. The USA is obviously looking for some one who is secular and not pro-Iranian neither pro-terrorist. This is again a game outside the rules of the process of democracy yet the USA openly supporting democracy not only in Iraq but in the ME as a whole. This game is not without risks especially if the majority of Iraqis discovered that their voices had not been respected and the USA support other than democracy. The risk may even involve creating a foe for the troops that at this time neither side like to see it.

The Iraqi politicians failed before in Beirut, London and Nasiyriyah meetings and in previous meeting when outside the country to form a national agreement. We are not very optimistic about them as they are all think about one thing only which is power and nothing else.

Iraq is deteriorating down the hill vastly and we think that the first people who should taste the suffering of such sliding are those who are delaying the political process.

At some stage when a lot of people suffering downward the hill they will of no doubt will pull with them any one they can hold and so all who are inside Iraq suffer.

The only solution is to force the politicians to respect the voices of the people and understand their sizes. Regarding the USA we feel that its support should go to the Iraqi people and not to some of the politicians.

We hope the Iraqi politician will get mature and grow up from their infantile behavioral problems otherwise they deserve the disgrace and punishment of the people which can come at anytime as the political process get much of a delay.

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