Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

American forces crime against the worshipers

The American forces in Baghdad committed a criminal act by a raid on a mosque (Al-Mostafa Hussiayniyah) in Ur district in Baghdad. These forces invaded the mosque during the Sunset prayer. The worshipers were armless doing their prayers. The American forces were heavily armed and supported by helicopters. They collected the worshipers in one room and open fire on them!

At least 37 worshipers were instantly killed by the American soldiers while arresting others.

For the last 3 years Iraq became a place for death, torture, disappearances, kidnapping, lack of security, and no progress to rebuild what was destroyed by the war.

The promises of democracy and rebuilding is fading out rapidly especially after the appointment of the new American ambassador K. Zada who is from an Afghani origin. He increased ethnic tension based on his unwanted and sectarian statements and interferences.

There is no doubt the cumulative behavior and aggressive assaults of the American forces on the Iraqis while allowing the terrorists to be free will lead sooner rather than latter into an over-all and massive resistance against these forces everywhere in Iraq.

Instead of becoming a symbol for the democracy and freedom Iraq became a republic of death and terrorism. Over all the occupied forces are now killing the Iraqi worshipers with cold blood.

The killing of the worshipers in Al-Mostafa mosque by the American forces should be investigated and those who are responsible for it should be punished. The victims should be compensated as well as the damaged building.

It is time for the formation of Iraqi government without interferences from K. Zada and time for the Iraqis to keep their own security and carry out their judgments and law without the interference of the occupied forces. It is indeed time to end the occupation and for the American forces to pull out of Iraq or no one can stop the resistance against such arrogant forces killing innocent worshipers while leaving terrorist free to kill the Iraqis. These forces are paying ransoms to free hostages and making from it a big and false operation and on the same time these ransoms are used to feed terrorism.

It is time for ending the American occupation to Iraq and time to resist such forces which kills the innocent Iraqi worshipers. The US ambassador K.Z. and his government want to create their own democracy of having puppets and not a real democracy.

America failed in Iraq and it should pull sooner from this country.

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