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Late Friday afternoon a new catastrophic tragedy against the Shiites has been reported. One hundred decapitated bodies for children, women and men had been taken to Kerbala from south Baghdad where the Sunni militia killed the Shiites every day and hour passing.

The arrival of the beheaded bodies provoked a storm of anger and cry among the people there. The children headless-bodies were bloodstained all over.

Most of the bodies were hand-cuffed to the back.

The bodies were discovered and brought by the people and relatives. There was no action taken by the government.

Again and on this hard time the stupid, fool, and careless Iraqi parties are only fighting for the palaces of (Saddam Hussein) and the power even if this power is implemented over the headless-bodies of the innocent children and women.

Curse and Fie be on the Iraqi (politicians)! They and their evil ambitions should go to the hell and no one will shed a tear on them. If they got slightest conscious they should have been resigned or get together to save the country from catastrophes like these.

Attacks continued against the Iraqi Shiites

More than 25 Shiites laborers working in a brick factory in Al-Nahrawan has been found killed today. Four Shiites working in the power station in the same area have been found shout dead today in the same area. The killing came after some Sunni militia groups issued warning two days ago to all the Shiite families to leave the area or killed. Some families were able to leave and they are now located in temporary shelters and schools in anther areas.

Among the recovered bodies are three children one of them is 6 years old girl and a body belong to a woman who was shot by one bullet in the forehead!!!

There are many brick factories in this area which is Sunni dominated but most of the workers are Shiites from the South of Iraq. The Sunni armed militias are very active in these areas.

Last night again and not far from the same area two Shiite young men bodies have been recovered and found mutilated with broken arms and legs and a shot in the nose areas.

Many Shiite families in the Sunni dominated areas have been threatened to leave. Some of them wake up in the morning to find a warning written by paint over their doors asking them to leave or be killed or the Sunni militia wrote the word (Ali) by big paint on their doors which mean Shiite and it is a kind of quick warning. Some of these houses have been burnt especially in Habaniyah today.

Last week more than 48 Shiites were killed in the same area of Natrawan when they went to join a demonstration calling for unity in the country!

Two days ago the Iraqi police arrested the killer who beheaded the Japanese man last year and he confessed to the Japanese media about it.

During this time when the country needed a powerful government the subverter and corrupt Iraqi politicians especially those who directly or indirectly support terrorism delaying farther the formation of the government. Those anomalous and distorted (politicians) should instead taken off to the garbage or face responsibility for blood in their hands.

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