Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Blood shed continued in Iraq

Today the Iraqi police discovered more than 80 bodies in different parts of the country mostly in Baghdad. Some of the bodies were mutilated and have been subjected to tortures before killed.

On the same time the Iraqi security police arrested an American man with large amount of explosives near Tikrit. He claimed that he is working for a security company!

The weak and hypocritical politicians are now in a different position from the Iraqi people. They are not less than warlords or gang leaders seeking power even if it is on the mass skulls of the people. In principle there is no difference between them and Saddam.

By this time the expulsion of the Shiite families from the Sunni dominated areas continued.

In the last few days the terrorist killed and assassinated many journalists and reporters from Iraq in addition to ongoing attacks against the intellectuals, doctors, university lecturers, and others.

The aim of the terrorists is to create civil war. The situation is very dangerous especially with the biased interference of Zalmi Khalel Zada the US ambassador towards those who support the terrorism. This may lead to full scale anti-US forces in the Shiite areas which remained calm until now.

The terrorist are indeed planning for a major attack so soon to inflame the condition farther.

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