Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

More killing in Iraq

Under similar circumstances and by the same means a new car bomb exploded in a public open fruit and vegetable market in Hilla south of Baghdad today. It resulted in more than 12 killed and several wounded.

One of the witnesses described the scene that once the explosion happened he smells the burnt human flesh. One of the burnt fleshes belonged to a 2 years old child.

Again the explosion happened in Shiite area.

The number of casualties in Balad’s explosion which is another Shiite area reached until now more than 99 killed and hundreds wounded. It happened last night by 3 cars and possible suicidal attack in the Balad open market yesterday.

Iraqi forces need more training and volunteers as well as equipments. In August 2005 alone more than 134 Million Dollars has been paid by Iraq to the UN as compensations for the Kuwait war. Iraq needs this money to improve its infrastructure and security and something have to be done to reduce or abolish this.

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