Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Al-Zarqawi declared his filthy war against the Shiites

There is a question for every righteous person: What is the relation between what is called resistance and killing of hundreds of laborers standing all the day under the hot sun in Baghdad trying to get a temporary hourly paid job for a day or less to feed their children?

As usual and again it is the Shiites who are targeted in Baghdad Ouroba square when a suicidal cockroach approached them with his poppy-trapped car. The devil first called them to come as if he is going to take some of them for a work. Once a good number approached he killed them and his dirty self. The dead are more than 300 killed and wounded.

On another incident in Al-Taji area not far from the above incident, number of terrorists in Iraqi forces uniforms and cars took about 13 Shiites and executed them publicly in the main city squares.

The Shiites were the target in other attacks in the centre of Baghdad with much causality in what is called the bloody Wednesday of Baghdad.

Again and again there is a civil war declared from one side which is those who harbor and supports the Wahabis and they are clearly some Sunnis who are affected by the fall of the regime. However what we are waiting is for a spark to ignite every thing. This may not happen though because it is the aim that the Wahabist looking for to create disorder and confusion. But no one can guarantee that this is not going to happen with. Though the terrorists may think that if it happened it will serve them but in fact the situation will become against them as they will be chased and killed by the people including the good Sunni themselves may capture and killed the terrorists.

The terrorists know only one language that they showed us now for long time. It is the same language which executed the 13 Shiites last night in Taji by executing them in the main squares. The Iraqis always called the present governemtn to be very firm and strong and deal with the terrorists in the way which can deter them from their devilish acts.

The only way that the terrorists knew and understand is the force and executions. They showed us for long time that they do not know or like or understand democracy and respect. So why the government likes to deal with them so while they are killing the innocent people?

Several attacks happened today. Al-Zarqawi the fucking shit declared his bullshit war in a recorded tape broadcasted in the Arabs media that he declared his war against the Shiites everywhere in Iraq. As this cockroach has lost a lot in Talaafar he started to urinate on himself which just increased his filthy smelly soiled pump.

Al-Zarbawi days are counted and when he fall in the hands of the Iraqis so soon we will make him to suck his shit and will show him how to talk by using his mouth rather than his filthy excessively fucked anus.

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