Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Syria and the terrorism

In an interview with Al-Arabyiah TV yesterday one of the Syrian MPs of the Syrian Parliament which is a government body told that Syria is with the Iraqi resistance supporting the expulsion of the occupied American and British forces by force.

No one likes to see his country occupied of course however the occupation by definition ended with last day of the Coalition Authority. The forces now and according to the UN are non-occupying forces and they may come to a big reduction when the Iraqi forces progressing in taking control as we saw in the last operation in Telafar. The Iraqi forces took the led with some help and support from the American forces and they did a very clean and successful operation resulted quickly and unexpectedly in controlling the whole city which was a strong hold for the terrorists. Hundreds of them killed or captured with very few losses or destructions to the city infrastructure and building.

The Syrians are now so frustrated about this because Telafar represent a safe point for the terrorists to pass from Rabiah point to Iraq. They think that they lost a strong port to inject their terrorism by sending the Arab terrorists after training them in Syria or the logistic support.

There are many evidences about the involvement of Syria in exporting terrorism to Iraq. One of this evidence is the testimony of the Syrian and non-Syrian terrorists captured in Iraq. The confession of the newly captured terrorists in Telafar and their supplies indicates how big the Syrian involvement in this is.

The Syrian MP in his answer to Al-Arabyaih TV indicated this very clearly by saying that his regime is with the Iraqi resistance to get rid of the foreign forces from Iraq. The Arabs are so often used the term resistance in Iraq to describe any terrorist operation including the one which happened in the Coach stop in Nahatha in Baghdad in which tens of Iraqi passengers killed inside the Garage or even in front of the main entrance to Al-Kindi Hospital when the terrorist exploded himself to kill the wounded who were brought by the Ambulance.

In the next months, we may see one of two things or both. Surgical strikes predispose to a major change in the region and/or a big Al-Qaeda operation outside Iraq.

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