Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Big fish killed

Many times in the past it has been said that people working closely with Zarqawi have been arrested.

Today it seems to be one of the big criminals possibly the second in Al-Qaeda terrorist organization of Al-Zarqawi groups killed in Baghdad.

Abdala Azam (of Palestinian origin) killed by joint operation by the Iraqi and the multinational forces in his hiding (luxury place) in Baghdad. The documents confiscated may help in capturing more.

On the other hand the chain of terrors continued in Iraq with more blood shed and killing.
One of the horrific killings happened last night in an area south east Baghdad where 5 female teachers all of them Shiites killed inside there school by Wahabi terrorists.
The attacks continued against the Shiites mosques daily. In most of the areas where there is mixture of Sunni and Shiites there are leaflets and wall instructions on the streets asking the Shiites to leave or face extermination?

The Source of Terrorism

In another subject the foreign minister of the Wahabi regime in Saudi Arabia (Saud Faisal) has only just remembered about Iraq when he stated more than twice during his visit to the USA that the US is handing over Iraq to Iran. He also expressed his (hypocritical fear) when he told that Iraq is going to be ripped apart by civil war. He admitted that his government was involved in suppressing the Iraqi uprising against Saddam in 1991 and told that the USA did the same thing.

Saud Faisal however forgets to mention that the real fear behind his hypocritical statement is related to the fear of the regional dictator governments from the real democratic process if it achieved its goals in Iraq. He knew that in spite of the terrorist attacks and the killing which are fed by Saudi Arabia and Syria plus Iran and others, the process is moving forward.

Saud Faisal statement was also included remarks against the constitution! He fears that the Shiites in the Eastern part (Ihsaa and Kateef) may request to be given the least possible rights. They are prevented from taking the simplest positions in the state. There is no one minister in the government of Saudi Arabia is Shiite or Ismaili or among the other minorities.

The Shiites in Ihsaa and Kateef represent more than 95% of the population there and more than 20% of the whole population. They live over an ocean of oil yet they are deprived from the simplest rights and live under poorest circumstances.

SF also forgotten that the ideology and support of terrorism comes from their Wahabism that his government support right from the first partnership between Bin Wahab and Bin Saud. Those who did the 11/9 are Saudis and the non-Saudis were programmed by the same ideology and support. The official reports states that Saudi Arabia spends 10 milliard Saudi Riyals each year for the spread of the Wahabism all over the world.

SF statement was good because it reveals the mischief that this dictator government in Saudi Arabia has done to keep Saddam in power for 12 years after 1991. Saudi Arabia fears is not from Iran because they got a good relationship with the dictator regime in Iran, but their fear is from the new calls from many human organizations about the oppressions that the minorities exposed to for decades in Saudi Arabia. The oppression also included the others by decapitation and mutilations after each Friday prayers in all parts of Saudi Arabia including the capital Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia as all the other Arab states hasn't sent until now any representative to Baghdad and they made no reduction what so ever about the debt of Iraq. If they like to help Iraq and/or keep it as part of the Arab nations why they haven't done the minimum towards that. His statement is a poison that we know what it means.

An important aim that SF liked to achieve from his (ill defined) statement was to push away the criticism from the Wahabism towards Iran and he also accused the USA that it killed the Shiites in 1991. We are not defending Iran because she also involved in interferences in Iraq especially in the south but all of those who commit suicidal attacks are Arabs or Saudis or Wahabist in their ideology.

SF statement clearly indicated his government involvement in suppressing the Iraqi uprising in 1991 which was then brutally crushed by Saddam's systems. The Iraqis who lost some one during that time should now ask the Saudi government for compensations. Indeed all the Iraqis should now do the same thing against the Wahabi regime in Saudi Arabia.

The partnership between Mohamad Bin Saud and Mohamad Bin Abd Wahab continued for the last 75 years. This partnership between the Wahabism and the Al-Saud created hate and terrorism towards every thing non-Wahabist. It controlled the different areas of Najd and Hijaz with the help of the British army and navy. The resultant was to replace the horrible Othman colonialism by a more horrible Saudi colonialism. The Al-Saud and Abd-Wahab committed by their army (The Akhowan army) massacres in every village and tribe they controlled. One of their horrific crimes was by cutting the heads of their foes after capturing them and putting these heads with the food which is offered to the people or their relatives. If the people refuse to eat because of the heads of their beloved ones then the Al-Khowan army beheads all of them instantly. This incident happened to many tribes and the best example was the tribe of (Bani Motier).

They did horrific crimes including killing the fetuses after they split the abdomen of their mothers. The oil and the presence of Makka helped them a lot to stay in power and to have the green light to continue with their atrocities. These two factors also helped them to spread the hate ideology of Wahabism every where especially in Pakistan and Afghanistan as well as to Chechnya, Kashmir, and the Western countries.

The Saudi regime continued with the Wahabist to do the same things and the claim of the reforms is nothing but bogus. The only thing which may eradicate the terrorism is to liberate the Saudis and the Muslims world from the Wahabism and Al-Saud role.

All the Saudi people are now under the oppression of the Wahabi religious role and the Saudi power role. It is crushed under two very strong systems and their tools.

The world should take a brave decision to change the regime in Saudi Arabia and only by this the Wahabism may end and the terrorism will stop ultimately. The area should be restored back to the state prior to the Wahabi-Saudi roles. If not the risk remained very high that a control of power may end inside Saudi Arabia by the Al-Qaeda in which case it will be too late to do anything.

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