Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Ignis Fatuus!

Katrina hurricane resulted in thousands of people killed and more became homeless or refugees. The destruction scale and extent is yet to be calculated, however it may take years rather than months to know the size and complications of the after math.

Katrina is just a name for a forceful storm called hurricane lasted not more than few hours yet caused supra-nuclear catastrophic damage.

This hurricane and Tsunami before showed how weak is the human race on this planet. We may have super-weapons and power to be used against each other but in front of the forces of nature there is no discrimination. We are all same, rather weak and helpless.

Weeks or days before Katrina and Tsunami none of their residents were expecting to become refugee or loss their beloved ones or their properties. It is therefore wrong to assume that and at any moment that we are safe from the forces of nature. There is many times where the earth was near missed from a meteorite hit by a split of a cosmic second which could lead to an event similar to the extinction of the Dinosaurs. If it happens it will wipe us from the face of the earth without discrimination.
Moreover there is no one can guarantee that such thing will not happen. In fact the scientists predict that such thing may happen at any moment and will certainly happen in the future. This may not be while we are alive now but it may occur to one of next generation who may be able to read what we are writing here now and possibly envying us that we only got Tsunami or Katrina!

In a hundred year from now every one exists at this moment on earth will be not here. The people will be completely other than us. The cycle however will continue i.e. the people at that time will get the same cycle of life and death. The life is a journey and we are like passenger in the train of the life. In each station there are new passenger came in while others go out after they completed their journey.

The journey of life is never the same for each passenger of us. It is a journey full of sorrow and happiness; pain and comfort; warmth and cold; love and hate; war and peace; death and life; and tears and tears.

Our life is a struggle towards the unknown. It starts with cry at birth and may end with a cry or rarely a smile. We may collect money and build luxury houses but we will leave only one thing which is our good or bad deeds. Good deeds will keep us respectably alive in the mind of generations to come and bad deed will make the curse of these generations fall upon those who did it.

Life is nothing but a short journey. It is like preparing a meal to take away, how quickly it finishes yet we follow it by deception like some one who is running for water and once reached the end he only discover that the water he was looking for is nothing but mirage or ignis fatuus!

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