Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

They enjoyed Katrina and the Stampede

We received a lot of emails about the celebrations and the pleasure that the Wahabi Saudis enjoying about the Hurricane Katrina which hits parts of the United States and about the killing of the Shiites in Iraq.

They prayed that the Hurricane to wipe out the whole US from south to north and from east to west. They also enjoyed the raise in the Saudi shares and the pick up that the Saudi Riyal is having. The surge in the oil prices due to the standstill of Gulf of Mexico was another enjoying point for them.

It is understandable that good economy may produce happiness and contentment. However it is so strange to enjoy the suffering of the other people and pray to bring them more suffering. Some people may argue that these Wahabis are oppressed by the US and so they enjoyed seeing their enemy suffering, but this is indeed not so right because they also enjoyed the killing of the Shiites in Iraq who are not more than ordinary victims to their terrorism. It is indeed nothing but to do with the ideology of hate inside the doctrine of the Wahabism which is the doctrine followed and encouraged by the Saudis from the top to the bottom but few.

We wish the victims of the Wahabism in Iraq peace and tranquility and the people affected by the Hurricane in the USA a quick recovery to be able to build their own life again.

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