Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Basra Tension and British Troops

The way that the British tanks stormed the main prison in Basra and the escape of 150 terrorists from it will not settled if it is not cleared by clear investigations.

The incidence ended however it will act as a source for inflammation which may lead to a cascade of events ended with serious consequences. These consequences are not only going to involve the British troops but the whole process of more peaceful situation there.

The two soldiers appeared like spies in their acts. The way they released was not acceptable. It will put the life of these troops in danger and dismantle the sort of trust built over the last 3 years with the local population.

The tension increased more today and it is wrong to assume that it is going to die so easily unless clear and acceptable explanation reached.

One of the best way to build bridges back is to apologize to the local population of Basra by the representative of the British troop clearly and official to the local authorities there. Another way is for the troops to rebuild or pay for rebuilding what it destroyed.
By this too many escalation may be avoided.

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