Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

New evidence about the Tragedy of the Shiites on the bridge

There are reports by the Iraqi media that the death of more than one thousand Iraqi Shiites on Al-Aaimah bridge has been planned in advance. The reports indicated that the bridge had been weakened from several points including the fence just prior to the incident. A source in the Interior Ministry told Al-Sabah newspaper that the investigators are now examining traces of deliberate cuts believed to be done with a hacksaw in the bridge structure.

Other information indicated that some of the bodies of the dead might have been exposed to poison before death. There are people among the crowds witnessed possible chemicals sprayed on them from the other end of the bridge which added more chaos after the stampede started. The stampede started after several rockets fired away from the site on another crowds of Shiites which killed many of them. Immediately after this some one on the bridge shouted that there is a suicidal terrorist on the bridge.

The tragedy of the bridge is more than just a stampede and as there is no group announced its responsibility it pushed many Iraqis to believe that this is a local act by criminals who tried to kill as much as they can from the Shiites visitors.

There are some who think that this may have been a deliberate action caused by a Sunni extremist group most likely related to Al-Zarqawi terrorist. The aim was to ignite a civil war between the Shiites and the Sunni. The choice of the time and place was deliberate. The place was just before Al-Aadhamyiah which is a Sunni dominated area and the crowds are Shiites who came to commemorate the death of Imam Kadhom who was killed by Haron the ruler of Baghdad more than 1000 years ago.

On the other hand and while the Pope and the western world sympathized with the Iraqis the official Arabs passed on the incident as if it is nothing but a simple car accident. Even more, other Arabs either celebrated it or schadenfreude the Shiites. If you know how to read Arabic go to this site to see for yourself how the Arabs enjoyed the tragedy of the Shiites on the bridge of Baghdad.

Al-Iraqyiah channel opened an initiative to collect donations for the victims. This is one of the best indeed.

Can the government of Al-Jaffari finish the investigations and tell us who was behind the death of more than 1000 Iraqi Shiites on the bridge?

Even with our tragedy in Iraq we haven't forgotten and follow the news about and pray for the American citizens in their suffering and losses due to the hurricane. We wish that we could help more but with our ongoing suffering we send our prayers meantime.

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