Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Failure of the Security System

There is no doubt that the failure of the security system in Iraq became very clear but who is responsible for this failure? Is it the multinational and US forces or the Iraqi Police and NG?

We have seen in the last few days that those who are planning to kill the Iraqis and destroy their services including the worship places like Churches and Shia Mosques are able to execute their plans as if there is no one to challenge or stop them at all.

Right from the begining we said that the Iraqi Police training in Jordan was wrong, their arms are poor compared to the insurgents and they got spies most of them from the previous system.
The failure is a joint one and the responsibility of the IP and the Interior Minister who seems superficial and lack experience as well as the Minister of Defence and the National Security Chief or advisor. It is also a failure of the multinational forces. There are growing concerns about these forces turning blind eye and may even prevent the Iraqi authorities to take an appropriate measure against the terrorists.

The way by car from Baghdad to Najaf is usually not taking more than 1.5 hours but due to the lack of security you need about 8 hours. This was better even immediate after the war in 2003! People can not travel from Kerbala to Najaf (40 KM) after darkness!

In Mosel, killed unknown bodies seen in many streets for the last few days every where. The attacks aganist the two Churches two days ago happened as if the Police and the MU forces don't exist at all. The attackers went inside the Churches. They locked the guards inside one room then they implanted their explosives and set the churches in fire. After that they prevented the firemen from reaching there. Next day they came back again and looted the same churches!!

Today the Minister of Finance and his driver were assassinated in Baghdad!

Is there any Father Uncle Cousin King Sharing His IT worse than this S***?

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