Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Alert: more serious attacks may happen in Najaf & Karbala

The Iraqi security forces arrested about 50 suspects after Najaf and Karbala holy cities blasts yesterday which killed and wounded several hundreds innocent civilians.

It is believed to be caused by the Wahabi/Qaeda terrorists.

The Head of Najaf Police told AP that some of them confessed about their links with the Iranian and Syrian Intelligent services.

Ali Khamani of Iran accused the Zionists, Israel and the Americans of causing the attacks.

Al-Hakem accused Al-Zarqawi of doing it.

In spite of the more security in Karbala today another explosion occurred but no casualties today.

The Iraqi Minister of Defence said today that the cause of the insurgents is because of the redundant borders where many cars cross every day as shown by the airplane pictures. He added the Iraqi forces got no helicopters to deal with them but have to wait until they come to inside the cities which is not a solution at all!

We hope the US to help the new Iraqi forces and provide them with sufficient helicopters and airplane fighters to guard the borders.

There reports about Wahabi terrorists from Zarqawi group inside Najaf now trying to assassinate one of the big Shiite leaders who may be Ali Sistani. It may also be Muqtada Sadr just to create a chaotic atmosphere before the election.

The Wahabi terrorists may even attack the shrines in the holy cities.

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