Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Security & Reconstruction

The security situation in Iraq and the number of attacks are increasing again.
For the last few days many suicidal and rocket attacks have been directed against civilian places, Shia Mosques, and police stations in many cities including Baghdad and among the killed and injured are US soldiers.

Overall the services and the reconstruction are not moving but very slowly in very small sectors. The health system which is one of the main services for every nation is suffering from extreme and dangerous malfunction due to lack of every thing including the basic instruments like syringes and antiseptic solution and other basics. In many circumstances the citizens found themselves to pay the price of the petrol to the ambulance drivers to be able to take them to hospitals if they are lucky enough to get such a service.

The lack of security prevents the teaching institutes and schools from functioning nearer to normal. Repairing bridges, roads, and services are either none or corrupted.

There are two things Iraq achieved after the deposition of the previous regime and the resultant occupation. The first which was very good and we hailed is the freedom following decades of oppressions. Alas the second thing was the birth of terrorism which led to lack of security and more deterioration all over the country.

The security issue hindered the reconstructions and send the country into another unknown tunnel and fate.

The election which is supposed to be in less than 60 days is meaningless if the parties are not announcing their agenda and their nominees. The nominees have not done enough or none at all to visit cities and state their agenda for the country!

Now the question is when is the security issue going to settle so as the investors and companies can start the reconstruction process?

We thing that the US forces in Iraq should contribute but not hinder any plan against the criminals and terrorists networks and sites especially the hot areas. The justices should be implemented upon all criminals sooner after their interrogations finished by courts. Detection of the conspired agents in the security forces and punishes them. On the other hand trials of the members of the previous regime should start soon including Saddam.

There are areas which experience a reasonable amount of stability. The reconstruction and services like electricity, water, health and others should be speeded in these areas.

There are doubts and increasing frustration about the failure of the above issues and the weakness of the government to deal with it.

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