Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Usama Bin Laden & Saddam Latest!

In a recorded tape broadcasted yesterday by Al-Jazeera (Qatari) TV Usama Bin Laden confirmed his relationship with the Jordanian from Palestinian origin Al-Zarqawi (Fadhel Nazal Al-Khalayla).

UBL called for many things. Let us see the most important topics he called for:

He called the Iraqis to boycott the election!
He called for the destruction of the infrastructure including the oil!
UBL endorsed and supported the terrorist attacks, the killing, the kidnapping, and other criminal attacks against the Iraqis and non-Iraqis carried out by the Zarqawi groups!

There is no one civilised person may accept the above points as a constructive or even compatible with any religious principles a part from the Wahabism.

One more important thing indicated by the recent tape for UBL is that it is very recent, a fact which indicates that the US forces has until now failed to arrest or kill either UBL or Zarqawi. On the other hand they both are free to move and to communicate with each other at least via their mouth piece Al-Jazeera.

Today several attacks carried out against the Iraqis resulted in at least 60 dead and more than that wounded.

Yesterday the Shia Al-Hakeem party HQ was attacked resulted in several killed and wounded.

Few days ago the terrorists killed the Dean of the Dentistry Medical College Hassan Al-Robayiai in front of his wife and children in Baghdad just because he is Shiite!

On the same time the terrorists used a new way to attack the innocent civilians inside their homes by selling them Kerosene mixed with Benzene which may cause strong expositions if used for heating with portable kerosene heaters!

The Islamic Party (Sunni) and most of the other Sunni provinces and parties pulled out of the election! Whether or not this is in relation to UBL call is not very clear but at least they both coincide on the same time.

The most certain is the concordance of UBL calls and Saddam's recent calls which were quoted by his lawyer Khalel Addilaymi!

By the way; Addilaymi said that Saddam told him that the scenario of his arrest in the hole was a fabrication by the US forces to humiliate him! He said the US forces arrested him while he was performing his prayers in Tikrit at a home of one of his trusted friends. He added that if he had the opportunity to get his rifle he would have resisted them until death. He said that the US forces tortured him for 3 days before they take him into that hole. Saddam added (quoted by Addilaymi) that he met the leaders of the resistance on 11/4/2003 (2 days after the occupation) and put the plan for the second page of the war. Addilaymi added that Saddam told him that Falluja will never stop resistance because most of the Mujahdeen are among the officers and soldiers of the army and the Army of Al-Quds. He also made points about Eizat Al-Dori and his place in the resistance. Saddam (Addilaymi) added that Halbja attacked by chemical weapons by the Iranians and some traitor Kurds who work for them. He also said that the US accepted from him to recognize the state of Israel in return to lifting of the sanction but he refused.

In fact what Addilaymi said is an addressed speech for Saddam! It showed that Saddam is aware about what is going on and he probably sent a coded letter and may even be more with Addilaymi! The latter added that Saddam trial is illegal and it is happening under the occupation by the occupiers themselves.

The question is was Addilaymi a lawyer defending a criminal or a solider obeying his master especially if we knew that he saluted Saddam with a militarily salute as if he is still the President of Iraq!

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