Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Does the World need the UN?

No one can give a simple answer for the above question other than an Iraqi newborn baby who was killed by the effect of the UN sanction from 1990-2003. On the same time while the pale, anaemic and malnourished mothers dying during their labours or pregnancies the UN arrogant inspectors used to burn the books in the Iraqi universities and schools.

On the misery and death of the Iraqi peoples the UN killers used not only to get their payments but to cheat the oil for (shit) programme and steal the money which supposed to go for the treatment of the dying babies and their killed mothers.

In our view (the innocent Iraqis) the sanction plus Saddam from 1990-2003 was the biggest crime in human history and the biggest corruption as far as we are concerned. It killed all of us (more than 20 millions Iraqi).

The Republican Senator Norm Coleman stated that the UN biggest corruption in its history occurred during the chairman of Kofi Anan especially in relation to the oil-for-food programme. He requested the least thing is for KA to resign.

Justice should take its course.

All the previous UN inspectors and their chiefs are responsible for many atrocities and all of them should face trials.

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