Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iraqi Interior Minister Should Resign?!

Two Americans killed by Zarqawi group in Iraq. One of them worked as an adviser to GWB according to Al-Arabyiah TV.

Another American kidnapped and his fate unknown according to the US Embassy in Baghdad.

Ten Iraqis workers with a US firm have been kidnapped and shown in Al-Arabyiah TV with masked terrorists who threatened to kill them.

More than 10 Iraqi National Guards have been killed by terrorists and their leader beheaded south of Baghdad. The trucks that they suppose to Guards have been set in fires and the content of the other looted.
The ING were in their way to Jordan and just before the border they received a call from Baghdad HQ asking them to come back for security reason. Just 30 miles from Baghdad they have been surrounded by the terrorists who used 30 cars!

Three Iraqis killed by a bomb in Baghdad today.

The daughter of the 1967 President of Iraq (Abd-Alrahman Aref) and her Husband have been killed in Baghdad and their son 21 years old kidnapped!

A polling station has been attacked by rockets in Baghdad.

A car blast in Karbala early this afternoon near Imam Hussein Shrine killed and wounded several people.

Three Iraqis working for the Election Organization Committee have been killed in an ambush central Baghdad.

Just now at least 40 killed and 80 wounded in a car blast in Najaf.

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