Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Verge of a Civil War in Iraq!

Kerbala News Net mentioned that an ethnic cleansing going on now in Alyosfyiah (South of Baghdad) against the Shia families.

Two days ago masked terrorists attacked ten houses belong to Shia families. They masked terrorists smashed the doors and attacked the families. They had beaten with metal rods indiscriminately children, women, old and young.

They broke out the legs of an old man in his seventies.

They kidnapped two children. One of them found killed and thrown beside the main road. The family of the other found him in the hospital after they shot him in the head with one close bullet.

The ten families left the area and abandoned their farms and properties.

Iraq is on the verge of a civil war if not already started at least from the Sunni side. If it is broken it will not exclude any one including the US forces.

It is definitely the last nail in the failure of the US in Iraq.

They only solution is to deal with it by the Iraqi way and to give the countries which support the terrorists inside Iraq an unforgettable lesson by surgical strikes whoever they are and also supporting those who would like to topple them. Let it be a WW4.

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