Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Izzadine Saleem

Izzadine Saleem the President of the interim IGC is another victim who was murdered with other Iraqis by a suicidal terrorist attack on Monday.

IS escaped the tyranny of Saddam in 1980s yet killed after Saddam toppled in Iraq! This indicates that the wild dogs are there to attack at their pace. It is a very clear sign of how bad is the security issue in Iraq and how important this issue is.

Well we may get more of these attacks the closer we become to the supposed date of handover to an Iraqi government. It is not far and the count down is running closer there.

I think when the security issue handed over completely to an Iraqi government, the criminals from the previous regime tried and punished and the capital punishment put back in place things will get better. We will see!

Our condolences are to the family and friends of Izzadine Saleem. The terrorist shall be brought to justice sooner or latter.

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