Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Is This The Tip of the Iceberg?!

There are people who need to be taught about human rights and how to respect themselves, their families and their fellow citizens! I bet any one to show me similar things done by the dirtiest race of other species of the animal kingdom but certainly in the mankind!!

Those who perpetrated such action should be tried in an international human right court!
GWB comments were though condemning it yet incompatible with these actions!

This is done not by Saddam but by American soldiers!

No comment but ............!!

What is the background of this woman?!

What kind of species may do this?!!

The Iceberg phenomena!

Piles of Iraqi POW in a position the lowest kind of species feel ashamed from it!

A British solider urinate on an Iraqi POW in Basrah! A stigma on the face of...................!

Who is responsible?

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