Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The Arab Leaders

Few years ago we used to follow the meetings of the Arab Cheaters (Leaders) but not now! We don't give it a damn now. It is always the same they gather around the table to yell, curse each other, read what they prepare in their papers from bottom to top or either sides doesn't matter! It is the same scenario. It is a show performance and some time mime and pantomime!

Above all we feel sick of the same faces always. Same presidents, Kings, Oil Sheikhs, and name it and get it! Why the Arab leaders (cheaters) are leaders for life?? WHY?
On the time they gather now in Tunisia there is a new PM swearing in India after a new public election! Why there are no ELECTIONS in the Arab countries?
We are sure one of the main reasons for the production of TERRORISTS there is because of the oppression by the ongoing for life leaders. Bullshit for such a sick situation!

Tunisia the country where they gather now governed by Ibo Rageba until they pulled him handicapped from the Throne! Same thing may happen with his predecessor now! Houssnei Mubarak another hypocritical Arab leader for life in Egypt. There are no suitable men or women to lead other than him!! Farce! Saudi Arabia; a country named after a person called Saud! He left thousands of perverted Sons (Amirs) who are considered as superior human to their fellow citizens. Their corruption is one of the main reasons for the birth of the repulsive ideology and terrorism. In Syria the death of the president resulted in a country with vacuum because no men were able to govern but the young Son of the president who is an ophthalmologist and not politician! The supposed (constitution) was then amended to allow a younger person to be president and so Hafez gone and the Son of Hafez inherited the throne of Syria!! Farce! The oil provinces of Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain etc needs no comments! The rest are more or less same!

The problem is the Arab people blame the USA and the West for that rottenness system and leaders for life.
Ask any Arab and he or she will tell you it is America which appointed these cheaters on us and supported them! It is America which is the cause of our misery! It is America which keeps this government over our necks and heads! If therefore a person slipped in the road because of a Banana skin he will blame America because their leader appointed by the US and they don't put rubbish bins in the roads. This is the view of the majority of Arab ordinary people (90%) or more. This is one of the most major causes why the Arabs hate America. More than that these leaders support the anti-American groups like the fanatics Wahabis to make the people feel that their suffering is not from their cheaters but from the USA and these cheaters indeed are heroes. If you like to become a hero in the ME be Anti-American! If you ask some one from the Gulf why they don't build a factory to manufacture cars; he will tell you because the USA put for us red lines we can't cross them!!!!

We feel sick from the Arabs system and governments! Are their leaders going to become civilised and ask their people to set out electoral system and change power through political civilised ways like India now and not by tanks, or force or death or the son either replace his father after his death or by an upheaval against his father after expelling him to the neighbour country! Bullshit! We don't give them a damn now a day!

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