Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Still some hope!

The situation in Iraq shifted from Falluja to Najaf and Kerbala! In Kerbala the situation is heading toward a disaster. If the fighting continues Kerbala will become a disaster zone for every one including the coalition forces. There is lack of health facilities, water supply, electricity, food and absent role of the Iraqi security forces. Back to square one!

MS send two of his deputies to negotiate!
During this time there was a surprise raid on the Ahmed Chalabi house and his party HQ in Baghdad. Computers and documents have been confiscated from him!! The friend of Yesterday is the foe of today!! What is going on there! Three and may be more of the IGC members threatened to resign after this incident. I think they should go a head and resign what they are waiting for. I will resign, I will resign......OK go a head and do it! Be real men do it. Chalabi now divorced America and America divorced him!! He asked them to leave!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!

Next thing I received a letter from an American solider as a reply to my letter to the American solider!! He is in Iraq now and sent it via my e mail. It is a long letter. I replied back and asked him to allow me to publish it. If he accepts, I will do so and if he does not then I will take off his name and publish it as from an unknown US solider in Iraq. He put in it his views as an American solider from the front line!!

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