Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Peaceful deal may be a slap on the face of the terrorist!

The more we get closer to the expected date of hand of power to a selected temporary Iraqi government the more we get in difficulties. It is expected to happen so for many reasons related not only to the terrorist organizations and the regional countries in the Middle East but there are other causes. Some of these causes are over the surface and more than that are hidden.

The most serious causes for the troubles in Iraq are the hidden one. Hidden agenda from any party may cause more damage than any visible hurdles.
What ever the cause and the source of these problems the loser number one is the Iraqi people. Some Iraqis intentionally by serving the sources or un-intentionally by ignorance are contributing to the worsening situation.

The situation is so complex to be classified under one heading but certainly the human nature of selfishness and anomalous thinking may be taken as one word to explain many factors.

One of the major pushing factors in the ME which destroyed the wealth of the people and sends them to poverty in spite of their reasonable resources is the competition for power! The same thing is now pushing many Iraqis and non-Iraqis to thrust themselves in a narrow road towards a serious collision.
The mission of Ibrahimi is a good one if the aim of it is to help to bring together the different parties. But if this mission is biased toward a group against another it then become another factor to be added to the hidden causes mentioned above! The signal should point right towards the right side and not towards the left.

There are a lot of rumours raised by the parties and countries interested in the Iraqi issue and the American plan for the ME and Iraq about who is going to be the president of Iraq and who is the PM and who is who? Lot of names have been said and Ibrahimi sitting there to share the game. We don't think that what is happening in Najaf and the strike of Imam Ali mosque is a separated issue from what is going on now. It is all part of the Cuisine. Falluja is now forgotten and surprisingly the news from there indicates that there are semi-Talaban forces implicating their roles of whip-lashing there!

We think in this atmosphere of illusions and time closer to the delivery, all measures should be taken to avoid the birth of a handicapped premature baby. Handicapped not only means anomalous but it may mean imperfect and incomplete. The Iraqi people especially the well educated will not support a superficial illiterate people on the top of power. It is of a serious mistake to select top officials among the head of tribesmen because they overall represent their tribes only. Similar danger may happen if the selection based on the same Skeleton like the previous self appointed by tanks governments i.e. President was always among the Sunni. The president above all should be only symbolic position and the PM should be responsible in front of an interim national assembly. As soon as the new government formed it should set the way for a general election as planed.

The newly selected interim government should control the Iraqi sovereignty and revenue fully and without interferences from the Coalition but mutual friendship with all of its countries.

During this time (now) it is highly advisable to hold talks and negotiation to stop the fighting with Muqtada Sadr. It is not on the interest of the US forces neither the time is good to continue what is going on now in Najaf and other areas with MS groups. The only one is benefiting from the fighting are the enemies of free Iraq and the terrorists including Zarqawi and Qaeda. The US represented by the CPA should push soon for a peaceful solution or deal with MS by talks and all other means, the sooner the better.

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