Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The selected (non-elected) PM & President of Iraq!

Iyad Alawi is the selected interim PM of Iraq. There is yet to be another selection for the job of the president of Iraq! We think that both are going to face a very difficult time irrespective of who are they.

Alawi relationship with CIA and FI6 is a well know fact to the western media as well as to the Iraqi people. Alawi is the one who convinced the USA that Saddam may be able to use his WMD with in 45 minutes if attacked. He is a surgeon, previous Baathist and then formed his own party the Wifaq. His father was a physician and his grand father joined the negotiation about the independence of Iraq from British mandate. The UK provides him with asylum since 1970s after his oppositions to his boss Saddam. He met Saddam when he was a student in the Medical school in Baghdad in 1960s. He disagreed with him few years after the Baathist coup in 1968.

His party tried to topple SH regime but failed and suffered from penetrations of SH secret agents in his system and members. Although his party worked to topple the dictator regime but it has no clear programme if any to the immediate and the future issues of Iraq.

The nomination of Alawi as PM during the interim period came after consultation between the US and many Iraqis including the members of the IGC. The short listed candidates for the PM position have not been seen by the UN envoy Ikhdar Ibrahimi but he was informed about the out come!

Irrespective of the past of Alawi and his connections the judgment on him is going to be according to what he is going to offer to Iraq and Iraqis during this difficult time. His success and failure depends on his achievements in the next few months. He need first to establish a security and then to set out the way for the rebuilding process. Most important is to prepare the people and country into the first election in its recent history.

Alawi of course is not going to work alone with his party but other parties and groups will be in the new temporary government. What we need is a temporary opposition parties to be involved in the political process. They are going to emerge sooner or later and the people will judge who will be able to put forward a good programme to lead Iraq into free and democratic state with good economy. There are many faction now compete for many roles and opposition roles but few will stay and the rest either will unite in sorts of collations or disappear.

Above all those who are going to be in responsible jobs should forget about their ethnic origin or religious back ground and the party they belong to. They should work for their country as Iraqis only. No difference in this matter whether they are Kurds or Arabs or Turkman or Assyrian or Shia or Sunah or Christian or any one else.

About who is going to be the selected President is going to be clear in the next few days. Again the aim of the next government should be 3 main things. The security, the rebuilding process and set out the way for the general election. Part of the security is to start a just and public trial of the members of the previous regime and to clear Iraq from the terrorists.

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