Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Najaf and Karbala

The fighting between Muqtada Sadr followers and US forces in Najaf resulted in 4 holes damage in the Golden dome of the shrine of Imam Ali. The size of each is about 8 x 12 inches. This may have been resulted from 4 gun shots! The Shrine of Imam Ali is the third sacred place after Mekka and Madina.
Najaf also contains one of the biggest burial sites in the world. It is believed that Prophet Noah and Adam have been buried there.

Meanwhile there is another fighting broke out between the same in another holly place where the shrine of Imam Hussein is in Karbala.

This is going to be a turning point in the war. It will not go easy. The worst think is yet to come for both the coalition forces and Muqtada Sadr groups. There are a lot of similarities between MS and SH. Both are dictators and fool! Both got shallow people shouting slogans for them. Both miscalculate their show up! The list is long but all by all both are tyrant.

The US forces entering Najaf with force and with the damage to the holly shrine putting themselves in a serious situation they will regret it if they are going to continue that way. The best way to enforce law and bring whoever required for justice should be done by the Iraqi forces especially in these two holly places.

We think that entering Najaf and Karbala by the US forces and damaging its holly shrines is the most dangerous steps ever in this war. The next few days will show.

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