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Anniversary of Free Iraq

Today is the 20 March 2004! One year ago like this day the coalition forces led by the US dropped the first rockets on Baghdad aiming at Saddam and his thugs. Saying that, of course this is not the first time the US rockets strike Iraq. It did several times since 1991 when Saddam invaded Kuwait just few months after his 8 years war with Iran. The difference this time is that the aim was the tyrant regime and the brave way GWB handled it by aiming to free the Iraqis from Saddam. In actual fact the removal of Saddam was not only good for the Iraqis but for the whole world except the terrorists and the thefts of the Iraqi oils. The danger of Saddam was not only his WMD but his willingness to make deals with terrorist organisations like Al Qaeda and others and by providing those with WMD to be used in attacks may be bigger than the previous one. The danger of the regime becomes clear after the 11 Sep attacks in the US. Saddam have used WMD in several times against the Kurds and the Shias. His atrocities against the Iraqis were very well known by the intelligent agencies but not by the publics. Now after his regime fall the iceberg of his crimes starts to appear. Mass graves, ecologic disasters, Halabja, rapes, tortures, ethic cleansing, deporting, psychological terror against 20 millions Iraqis and many others are just small part of it. The criminals who were able to do this for their people they could do more than that for the others.

During the 12 years of sanctions since 1991 about 1 million Iraqis died and the mortality rate in children and pregnant women increased to immeasurable level the highest in the world. Pregnant women deaths increased due to anaemia, malnutrition, stress, lack of antibiotics and medical care and same for children and elderly. On the same time cancer rates increased especially in the South after 1991 war. This issue become tragedy because of the lack of the chemotherapy, antibiotics and other supportive medication needed for the cancer patients. On the same time Saddam built many palaces in several places and the UN turned its back to the Iraqis and humiliated them by its inspection teams that we the Iraqis hate them more than anything else after Saddam. It was a catastrophe on a large scale.

Saddam could have been removed long time ago after he used WMD in Halabja and the South or after 1991 war. Some regional countries after 1991 war send a direct and wrong signal to the US that Saddam without teeth is better than Shia controlling power. The 11th of Sep attacks revealed clearly that the countries which gave that signal are the incubator and the mother of the terrorism. Their ideology in actual fact put the Shia, the Christians, the Jewish and the others in one boat, the boat of the infidels who have to be slaughtered. The last attacks in Najaf, Kerbala and Khademiyah as well as the letter of Zarqawi proved that. The problem is not related to some people but to an ideology which implant the seeds of hateracy towards anything other than itself. The regional countries in ME then hypocritically pumped oil to compensate for the Iraqi shortage due to the sanction. Their economy boomed and become a good source to supply the terrorist every where. It becomes obvious then that not only the sick ideology but the money came from there. It acts like the lungs and blood for the terrorist. This become clear to the American people after the 11 Sep when their beloved ones killed inside their own country and their economy hit in its heart inside the US. This is may be why John Kerry who was one of the good supporters for these countries as well as Bill Clinton, he makes a U turn last week by announcing that the US should not depend on the oil of these countries. He know that this is may be musical to the ears of the Americans and it is good time before November! This different from the announcement of the new elected Spanish Primeminster about his call to the Americans not to elect GWB again! So surprised that this man have not been entered the office and he interferes with the US internal issues by calling voters not to vote for GWB. I think this is going to do the reverse and instead the American will question this call especially the same man insisted to pull his troops from the coalition.

Any way going back to the first anniversary of the war against Saddam the number of those who protested against it in the capitals today was very few. In Iraq the most important thing is the lack of security which becomes worse by large number of unemployment and influx of terrorists from the regional countries. The Iraqis are happy about their freedom from Saddam but there are a lot of problems leading to unsettled Iraq with a lot of economical and other problems. A year after the war and Iraq still has no one functioning airport to link it to the world. The Iraqis are calling for the security to be in their hands. The presence of the coalition forces in the cities and marginalization of the IP forces or lack of their power during the presence of the CF make a lot of problems regarding the security issue.
Saying that there are many improvements and a prospect for future development that could be moved quickly. Above all there is freedom to talk without fearing that the security will take you away to disappear for ever.

It would be very nice to start the 2nd year after the war as the year of getting the wheel to move towards the massive reconstruction and getting the good companies to start the rebuilding process at least in the settled areas. The airport needs to be opened. More armed Iraqi security forces needed with more equipment and cars.
Any way it is only 3 month to go for handing the power to an Iraqi government. It is very short time and lot of things have to be done to make things go well after that date.

Thanks to the friends of the free, democratic and prosperous Iraq and down to the terrorists and the hypocrites and their ideologies.

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