Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Evidence of WMD

March 16, 1988 mustard gas, sarin, VX nerve gas and aflatoxin dissolved in tear gas have been used by Saddam thugs led by Ali Chemical against the Iraqi Kurds in Halabja. The orders of Saddam the big killer had been executed by many other criminals and leaders in the army and security forces. UP TO 7,000 KILLED INSTANTLY. Tens of thousands more were exposed over the years by drinking contaminated water or eating contaminated food. The same agents had been used several times against the Shias in the south including Kerbala uprising after 1991 war and the marshes. These agents has been imported from the West then manufactured inside Saddam's WMD secret sites.

The incidence of respiratory diseases, cancers, birth defects, abortions, skin problems have been increased substantially compared to the nearby areas. Tens of thousands have been affected by drinking contaminated water and food over the years!

The criminals still not have been tried including the top two Saddam and Ali chemical.
We do not know why the US freed Alsahaf and Sadoon Hummadi as members of the previous regime who were involved in implementing and making its policies in and outside Iraq or at least propagated and fully supported it until the last moment. The Iraqis will request handover of these criminals to the Iraqi court for a just trial. This trial should also include Saddam's Daughters and wives.

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