Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The United States of Iraq!

Legislation for the interim period has been signed today! Congratulation! Few points need improvement. Very interesting again Al-Arabiyah TV which broadcasted the signing live arranged an immediate interview with two interpreters Iraqis from Paris and UAE who not only condemned it but considered it like rubbish in a bin signed by mercenaries!!!

Back to our title above; which sound very nice; why not?! Let for example be 8 states or more.
The southern state may includes Basrah, Amara, Nasiriyah and Samawah.
The Middle Euphrates states which may includes Karbala, Najaf, Diwaniyah & Hilla.
The Capital state which may includes Baghdad, Kut,and its surroundings.
The Western state which may includes Ramadi, and the west areas.
The Eastern state which may includes Diyala, Tikrit, and Samarra.
North West state which may includes Mosul, Kirkuk, and its areas.
Sulymaniyah state and its East North areas.
Irbil state with Duhok and the rest of the north.

This is just my opinion but it may take any other form or even according to the number of the governorates which will make them to return their names as states.
This form of the new geopolitical system could then be adopted and applied to the whole of the Middle East. This will serve every one especially the minorities and even the majorities who are controlled by the minorities for decades in this region without any changes. The world has changed and the Middle East should also change its shape, not by a make-up but by giving birth to a new system with more democracy, freedom, and human rights. Some may give birth with normal deliveries but others need Caesarean Sections. The first born who will guide all has been born by CS in Iraq.

We would like to call up on the GC, the CPA, the future Iraqi government and the Americans including GWB teams to encourage a sistership between each one of the Iraqi states with one or even more states in the USA. This will includes all the services, Universities, Schools, Police, Justice, Hospitals, and Medical Schools etc to be sistershiped or adopted by that state and its sister or adopted state(s) in the US. This system could be extended to the UK major cities like London and its Universities and the Royal Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons. In this matter I would like to call for recreation of the Royal College of Physician of Iraq which was one of the leading medical colleges in the Middle East since 1920s.
Alas it was killed in 1958 after Iraq became Republic!

Royal College of Physcians of Iraq 1932
Note there are more than 10 Medical Colleges in Iraq now give MD, PhD, Msc, Dipolmas in various medical specialities which were all affected by the UN sanctions and the regime. The one I am calling for is a higher school to link between these colleges and the doctors during their professional practice as a higher body for assessment and higher exams.

The Mesopotamians innovated many important things for the mankind and it should resume its contribution again in medicine, science, peace, knowledge, and other innovations.
The Iraqis love to learn even in the most remote areas of the marshes (the ancient Summer) even with very little or no resources at all. Knowledge for them is like food and drink from cradle to grave. We will never give up. We will lead the ME to many good things for its citizens and ourselves with our friends especially the US and the UK!

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