Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Count Down for the Mother of All Trials

Less than 100 days to go for the end of occupation and the return of the sovereignty to Iraq. The sovereignty of Iraq has been lost partially when Saddam fully controlled power in 1979. After that the Iraqi sovereignty & dignity start to decline gradually. The sovereignty & dignity of Iraq have been lost completely after the humiliated & undignified acceptance of the conditions of Safwan Tent in 1991 by the war Criminal Saddam! After this Saddam was nothing but a Leader of a bunch of criminals and Killers and all the sovereignty was signed off to the UNSCOM, UNMOVIC and other badly named UN groups. The Gang leader (Saddam) concerned about nothing but his own lust for blood, luxury life, and satisfaction of his sadistic showing of & manic personality. The Iraqis distanced and separated themselves from him & his gangs. This is why they had no willingness to defend Baghdad which was only representing his dirty thugs at that time. In deed his closest relatives were the first to sell him out.

After 1991 war the UN implemented the worst resolutions in its history on Iraq. Only one of them concerned about human rights yet not under the charter to be forced as a resolution! Under the eyes of the reckless members of the UN teams in Iraq was the leader of the killers doing his atrocities and no thing was done about it. Instead they act in an arrogant, reckless and humiliating way to the Iraqis. They destroyed their books, their laboratories, preventing even the medical articles to reach Baghdad and searched the hand bags of the women before they go to the toilets!! Saddam accepted to allow them to search his own bed rooms, toilets, and..........! If any wild animal got one microgram of dignity he will resign before he pass Iraq into such state but Saddam has no dignity at all and this was clear from the way of his escape in the septic tanks instead of fighting to die as he lied before.

The Iraqi sovereignty had been lost long time ago before the present occupation. In deed the present occupation may be considered as a turning point to return the long time lost Iraqi sovereignty. This is if we take in consideration that the appropriate definition of sovereignty is that the people of a country control their own affairs by themselves and by elected government from among them without interference from outside. Applying these principles on Iraq before the disposal of Saddam in the septic tank will certainly show that the Iraqis had no sovereignty during Saddam gang regime. Saddam own every thing in Iraq he was the living God on earth who own people and land. He can take off life from any Iraqi he does not like. He may expel any unwanted person or do any thing to anyone as where and when he like. He ripped of the dignity of every Iraqi except of course those who have no dignity like him. Saddam was the cause of all the problems of the Iraqi people whether inside or outside the country. Those who were outside he deprived them from their identity and homeland.

Sovereignty of Iraq will never go to the Iraqis unless the criminals who ripped it off from them submitted into trials to face their crimes and their punishment. Therefore we consider the handover in the July 2004 from the CPA is nothing but the beginning of the return of sovereignty. Full return will only be achieved after the Mother of All Trials and the mother of all punishment finished. Only then the Iraqis may take a deep breath after the long storm which was lasted for 35 years and destroyed every good thing. Every one knows if Iraq was in the hands of a wise and peaceful leader it will be one of the best countries at least in the ME. The healing of our wounds & scars will never start until we see those who reached by our country into its present condition face what they deserve.

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