Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Questions about Spanish Elections?

Spain's ruling conservatives were driven from power in election!


Did the terrorists succeeded in its tactic and timing to strongly influence the elections in the west even more than the voters themselves?

Do you think that the government of Spain did a mistake of not revealing information about the attackers but rather keeping the blame on the ETA?

Is Socialist leader Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero to blame for the tape found in the bin of garbage which clam Al Qaeda attacks?!

Zapatero said his immediate priority to fight terrorism; the question is what policies the socialists will adopt regarding the Spain commitment to the coalition of the will and the fight of terrorism? Are they continued with Aznar policies or they will join France and its allies?

Many other questions!!

Lastly if the terrorist succeed to influence change of government what will be the next step for the others like USA and UK? Certainly more security needed prior to elections and the tactic of fighting terrors should include war against Medias supporting the terrorists like Aljazerra and Al Arabyia TVs etc.

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