Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Reconstruction of Iraq: the GOOD, the BAD & the UGLY!

Over the last few weeks meetings, conferences, and may be secret negotiations, have been taken place in the regional countries about the reconstruction of Iraq.

The Arabs & Saudi business men pressing to get good deal in this process but they want it to be hot, crispy and ready! The Saudis already benefited from selling foods & other products to the coalition forces via Kuwait. Recent prices in the Saudi markets revealed that they achieved a lot of benefits from that. The 12 years UN Criminal sanction on Iraq killed at least 1 million Iraqis and on the same time it improved the economy of many other regional and non-regional states!

The US Deputy Minister of State for Trade William Lash has ignored several calls for the Saudi business men to open Jididat Arar border point between Saudia & Iraq. Fahad Al Saltan the representative of the Saudi businesses rooms called last week to reopen this point soon! WL said that contracts have to be preferably given to countries joined in the process of liberation of Iraq by open competition.

We think that the consideration should only be given to companies with good international reputation. The Arabs may submit their contract to compete with the others based on their standards, reputation and willingness to start as soon as possible. Iraq should only consider the good standard companies to rebuild its infrastructure which was destroyed by the wars and the Criminal Sanction of the UN. If the basis of the infrastructures is poor then the services will never be good in the future. If the Arab contracts are good and high standard it should be accepted but not poor one.
Those who have no respect to the human rights should be excluded as well as states which encourage or do not prevent terrorist attacks in Iraq. Certainly those who insist on supporting Saddam regime should not be part of the process.

Hammid Al-Eiqabi the Chair of the Iraqi Business men Union attended the meeting in Bahrain has been biased towards specific companies and business men! Eiqabi represent only himself and he should not make deals with low standard and poor companies. If he is another fortune maker from the misery of the Iraqi children he should quit his job immediately.

Eiqabi told the journalists last week that he like to see the Arab businessmen doing deals with Iraq but the security issue prevent them from doing so!
Al right; we know this, but he should have told them that starting the reconstruction will produce jobs. This will then reduce unemployment and increase the living standard. Both of these factors will contribute to improve the security issue. Sargon the Sumerian King who built the first empire in history more than 4000 years ago realised that unemployment is a major factor of unsettlement. He then solved the fighting in the unsettled areas by creating large projects to produce mass jobs for thousands of people from Persia to Ethiopia and up to the edge of Europe in the North. We do not need to pave the roads of Baghdad with nice Sumerian blue bricks and put flowers on both sides for the businessmen to come and stay in yet to be built seven starts hotels served by young, pretty and easy going girls from different parts of the worlds like Lebanon, Philippine, East Europe, previous USSR countries, Egypt, Syria, and Thailand before they may do their businesses there! Bullshit!

Lastly, there should be no deals with those who used the oil for food programme to sell their bad goods to the dying Iraqis from the UN criminal sanction. Down to the UN! Shame is on the UNSCOM and UNMOVC! We will never forgive them and will never forget their crimes and recklessness. They are killers and criminals toward the Iraqi people!

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