Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Iraq is fighting the terrorist who threat the international and regional peace

Daiesh the Al-Qaeda terrorist arm fighters in Mosel in the North of Iraq and in Tikrit provinces killed hundreds of people most of them Iraqi Shias or even Sunnis who oppose their decrees and evil acts. 

One of the mass murder was the killing of more than 500 Iraqi Shias students studying in the college of air forces in Tikrit.  Several women have been raped in Mosel by these insurgents.  They started burning and demolishing the historic churches in Mosel and they called for demolishing the other historic tombs of Prophet Jonah (Younis) and Shuaib.  There are many other biblical and Islamic sites in Mosel they will certainly demolish them soon if not expelled from that historic land. 

Daiesh also killed at least 12 Sunni Imams who refused to give loyalty to their leader.  They tried several times to control oil refineries in Tikrit in Baji area and they tried to control Talaafar North West of Mosel and threatened to kill all the Shias in the areas they control.  Daily whipping become a norm in Mosel and the women disappeared completely from any street or area as they decreed that women are not allowed to go out only for extreme reasons and by allowances from their leaders. 

Many of them who were killed by the Iraqi forces found to be Saudis, Afghanis, Chechens, other Arabs and some from European nationalities also Syrians and Iraqis. It has been said that some Saudis are previous Saudi forces.  Those who were early captured admitted clearly that their support and money comes from Qatar government and Saudi Arabia.  Some logistic support they get from Turkey who played like the Othman Empire role in the region or trying to get that role back.  On the other hand these devilish terrorist gets their spiritual support from Qatari and Saudi clergies such as Yousif Al-Garthawi who is supported from Qatar government.  In fact Qatar state plays roles against the law of the UN by supporting the insurgents and terrorist to kill other people outside its borders and threatening the peace not only in these countries but the world peace.  It is the duty of the international community to put an end to the action of the Qatar government which is against the international law.


Iraq is now fighting the terrorist groups which if allowed it will threaten the world peace and any other state regional and international.  If these groups allowed to get a hold for them the people all over the world will not be able to live in peace at all by certain and 100%.  Iraq is fighting them now alone and it need the help of its friends and the international community to put an end to these insurgents before it is too late. 

Lastly after the Fatwa of Iyat Allah Ali Sistani more than 2 million Iraqis volunteered to fight these terrorists.  There is a general mobilization men and women and youth and old to fight the insurgents.  This is the first fatwa of Jihad from the Najaf Marjiyah for about 100 years.  It only issued if there is major danger threatening the peace of the country and the world too.                               

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