Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The duty of the international community to help Iraq


The Security Council and the International Community got duty towards Iraq to prevent Al-Qaeda from establishing a state in the strategic part of west and north of Iraq or even larger than that. 

The key for stopping the insurgent is to stop the countries which supporting them by money, media and strategic support such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia.  Stable region requires an end to the fighting in Syria and to prevent them from movements between the two countries.  If they establish a state for them especially in Iraq they will become a real threat for all the countries with no exception including the international peace. 

On the other hand the war in Iraq may trigger a regional war easily.  Iran clearly declared today that they will test their missiles and arms in the terrorists if they attacked the Holy cities in Iraq.   This means that Iran may enter in the war at any moment when there is a threat to the Holy cities and it is the duty of any Muslim or Islamic state to provide protection for the Holy cities in Iraq if attacked. 

America and the international community also got duty to protect their interests and the international peace.  A state like the Al-Qaeda in a country with big oil revenue like Iraq will become a real and major threat. 

The terrorists should not allow establishing a strong hold in Mosel and Tikrit and Ramadi as this will become a nucleus for larger state.  Each day pass they will establish themselves and hold the ground strongly.  The international community and Iran should help Iraq by all means to end this condition sooner before the situation gets complicated enough.  Iran statement today that they are ready to work with America to help Iraq was a good step forward.

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