Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

All the Iraqis fighting the Wahabi Daesh Terrorist: Omiaya is brave example


All the Iraqis irrespective of their religions reject the dark ideology of the terrorists and fighting their mercenaries. There is no difference between Sunni and Shia in this, opposite to what some of the media trying to show for evil purposes such as the BBC and the CNN and Aljazeera and their alike.  We know who stands behind them and why?

Omiaya Al-Jobori is one example for the brave Iraqi woman who was killed by the terrorist groups while defending her city in Tikrit.  She is a Sunni brave woman like her father who was the Sheikh of Al-Jobor tribes.  Omiaya martyred while she was defending her city Al-Alam in Tikrit few days ago after she killed 3 terrorist she was killed by a sniper.  Her father and her brother were both killed by the terrorists last year.  She was graduated from the college of Law and was working as an advisor for the issues of women and children for the Governor of Tikrit.   She was also elected to the new Iraqi parliament. 

We are fighting barbaric terrorists who are raping, killing, stealing, and trying to apply a jungle law in the 21 century!  No single civilized person accepts this.  These terrorist called Daesh are much worse than Al-Qaeda.  They will not stop in one border but if succeeded will go anywhere they can go. 

The war with these terrorists is going on and the Iraqi army despite its need for arms and air fighters killed many of them and achieving victory on many areas.   Some arms came from Russia and the USA delayed supplying the agreed arms.  President Putin offer Iraq with help and in few days Iraq will receive Russian fighters.  Iran responded positively to hand Iraq around 120 fighters that Saddam Hussein kept with them in the 1991 Gulf war.  It was the Russian Helicopters with its high tech was wonderful to achieve successful attacks.

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