Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

War escalating between Iraqi forces and insurgents


The insurgents (Daaiesh) or what is called the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria expanding their attacks on other cities such as Mosel, Salahaldien, Samaraa and Diyala.  On the same time they increased their attacks on different parts ncluding Baghdad.  Mosel today witnessed the largest attacks for 10 years.  Thousands of its civilians escaped on large scale to outside the city or the nearby areas.  The insurgents are now inside most of the city as well as their control today on the University of Ramadi taking the students and the lecturers as hostages until now.  Two days ago they entered the city of Samaraa from different directions with hundreds of their groups and arms.  They become closer to attack the dam and to bomb the shrines.  If they succeeded it would have been disaster.

We said before if Al Fuloja remains in their hands they will try to expand and into other cities. 

Now it is a war on a large scale and the worse to come as far as the same leaders of the different factions in Iraq remain only fighting for power. 

All these attacks happened and as if there is no government in Iraq.  It is a certain failure for the government of Nori Malki and himself personally as he is also the minister of defence and security forces.  Nori Malki concern not about what is going on now but he is busy trying to win a new term in power instead of announcing his resignation. 

Lastly the first step for achieving victory on Daaiesh is to liberate Fuloja fully sooner.  If not big disaster will occur sooner or later as it was very close recently to happen in Samaraa. 

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