Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The war against terrorists called Daesh or ISIS


Daesh or ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Sham) is a group of terrorists mercenaries from different countries such as Saudis, Qataris, Syrians, Chechenia, North Africans and Europeans.  Their support mainly came from Saudi Arabia and Qatar as well as Turkey.  The USA and other west countries supplied them with arms to fight against Syrian regime however they used it in Iraq and may use it in future in Jordan and other areas.  The name (Sham) is explaining their aim to include (Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine (Israel)).  The term Sham is meaning all these countries.  More than that they announced Today that they declared the state of Khelafah!  Khelafah means from Andalous (Spain) to China with the main aim to include the whole world.

In the areas that they controlled in Iraq such as Mosel they imposed barbaric roles and atrocities on the people.  Killing, chopping hands, beheading, whipping, and humiliations are the daily practice in public.   Demolishing of warship places such as mosques and churches and other historic places are non-stop.  Even graves are never safe from demolishing.  Violation of human rights rapes, crimes, forced marriages, are just part of their norms.  In one crime they chopped hands of two children aged 12 years in public in Mosel and one mother tried to save her child they killed her too.

The Iraqi forces are fighting them with some supports from Russian including president Putin.  Russia gave Iraq Sokhoi fighters and the Russians Helicopters were very strong and effective.  Iran may hand over the Mirage fighter too that Iraq kept with them in 1991.  It is arms that Iraq needed. 

We will fight them until the end and the Iraqi forces are now achieving major victories in Tikrit while these terrorists escape from area to area.  Many of their leaders escaped back to Syria including in Mosel as there is going to be a major attack in Mosel espcailly with the arrival of the Russian fighters.

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