Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The crimes of the Daiesh terrorists and the countries supporting them

Groups of outlawed terrorists from Saudis, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, North African Arab countries, Afghanis, Chechenia, and other terrorists occupied Mosel, part of Tikrit, and other parts of North West of Iraq including Fuloja.  They imposed their decrees and dark law on the people. 

Rapes, burning people alive, mass murders, ethnic cleansing involving Shias and Christians, demolishing historic and worship places and many other atrocities practiced by the hours by these terrorist group.  These crimes never happened in the recent history of that area of Iraq. 
Below two videos of their crimes and warning that it contain disturbing scenes:


These groups are supported by some countries mainly by Qatar, Saudia, and the Turkey regime which dream about the return of Othman Empire. 

These terrorist will never stop in Iraq if they are allowed to hold for long time.  Certainly with no any doubt they will soon after settling in Iraq will open front lines threatening the world peace of all people without discrimination.  In their ideology there are two kinds of people, one is them and the others are the rest of the people and these rests are according to their evil ideology infidels and should be killed.  So all of you according to these animals are targets for their killing machine. 

The civilized world and the international community will soon regret their support for these terrorist in Syria and in Iraq.  The world should unite against them in Iraq as well as in Syria.  The countries which support the terrorist such as Qatar and Saudia should be stopped and punished by the international community. 

There is no place for those who bow to the kings of the terrorist groups and no place for the government supporting such barbaric groups.  Iraq is mobilizing itself and working alone against these criminals. 

The international community and the regional countries should stand with Iraq by all means including Iran and the USA.  if Obama and he appear reluctant to help till now then Iraq should ask Iran to give military help as well as from Hizb-Allah from Sheikh Hassan Nusrallah.

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