Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Gaddafi is psychopathic and the world should prevent him using weapons

Moamar Al-Gaddafi the previous self-imposed Libyan dictator for 43 years has lost his legitimacy as a leader after his people rejected him. He is now just a leader of crime syndicate after he used all type of weapons including aircrafts. The last attack by aircrafts was today in which he killed at least 27 civilians in the oil rich Barka city. Gaddafi used mercenaries from Africa and Eastern Europe including Croatia and Serbia. He breached all the principles of human rights. Until now Gaddafi killed at least 6000 and made tens of thousands of people to flee in inhumane conditions across the borders. On the other hand Gaddafi is taking the people in Tripoli the capital like hostages by imposing on them extreme oppressing conditions via his special troops and mercenaries.

Simple psychoanalysis of the behaviours of Gaddafi will reveal without any doubts the nature of his psychopathic personality. This man is not normal and he is one of the best examples of the Arab leaders that the West and America supported for long time despite their antihuman rights and oppressive actions. The other Arab leaders are more or less the same and they are ready to kill their people to stay in power. This is a fact which was seen in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, and the others. Ali Abdallah Salah the dictator of Yemen is the next to Gaddafi if not even worse in certain areas. Both of them were puppets and they now live in dreams and not reality. They both should go and face trials. Ali Abdallah Salah should be responsible for every day pass in Yemen in which the people loss lives and economy.

The other Arab countries including Egypt and Tunisia should use power to help the Arab people in Libya. Gaddafi described the Egyptian army that it is just working in the sewage canals now. He makes thousands of Egyptian to flee without dignity. The Arab League especially Egypt should take tough decision once in its life time and use air force to bomb Gaddafi’s sites and his headquarters and impose a no flight zone to protect the Arab civilians. The revolutionaries rejected any foreign interferences but a no fly zone is something that the world have to think of to show their care at least for the people.

Victory is for the Arab revolutions from the Gulf to the Ocean.

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