Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The oppressive dictator puppets in the Arab world

The first civilization first originated from the Arab world specifically from Iraq and Egypt. The south of Iraq (Sumerians) invented to the humanity lot of things including writing, civil orders, law, social regulations, medicine, agriculture, banking, city planning, road paving, postage, money, military, the wheel, and so on and so forth. Egypt and Iraq civilization were complementing each other.

Not only inventions but the divine revelation and religions were all originated in the Arab world. Islam the last religion revealed by Allah (Glory and Praise be to His name) was in Maddena and Makkah. It was revealed to the seal and the master of all the messengers Prophet Mohammad (Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon him and his family).

Islam brought sciences, wisdom, peace, moral values, purity to the body and soul and a full constitution to the whole life. The Holy Quran tells about the past even before the universe was existed, the present and the future until the Day of Judgment and beyond. You can read conversations between Allah and the Angles before the creations of the man. It is a full code of life.

One of the most important issue about Islam that it makes the mankind free from the boundaries of the materialistic life and ascend them into the highest state possible in the presence of the Lord of the Universe. It frees man from the chains of evil.

Freedom and peace are two most important principles of Islam as far as they go with the moral values which benefit the mankind and the other livings.

Since the imperialism which came by materialistic states the Arabs were governed by puppets, dictators and tyrant. They were puppet for the West ruled by fear, oppression, and tyranny.

There is no place for these tyrant governments now as they are the cause of all our problems including corruptions. The best examples are Gaddafi, Ali Abdalla slah, Mubarak, and all the rest. They do not care to kill the people and as far as their masters in America supports those to continue with their oppression as it happen all during the last decades.

The Arabs got no trust in these puppets neither in their masters and they got zero tolerance for them. They should all go or if not then death is better than life for the people and the people will get either victory or death with dignity.

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