Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Crimes against humanity by Arab dictators especially Gaddafi

It is shame on the face of the humanity to see the massacres done by the Libyan tyrant Gaddafi and not doing anything about it. Most of these massacres were done by the use or support of Gaddafi air force.

The world can do more about this by at least imposing a no-fly zone over Libya. The world is in front of real test of its humanity and the respect of human rights. They should warn Gaddafi that if he use force against the civilians then the world will interfere to strike his bases including himself. Gaddafi is now required by the world for crimes against humanity and should come for justice or be brought.

Gaddafi got no legitimacy after the Libyans rejecting his regime and after his use of force against the innocent armless people so as for him to stay in power. If Gaddafi allowed to stay in power in such way then that will open the door for others to use force against the people to be in power. This could happen anywhere in the world without exception.

Gaddafi and Ali Abdullah Salah of Yemen both have to leave now and the world have to stop Gaddafi from his crimes which are continued on daily basis as it happens now in the city of Al-Zawyiah and Tripoli.

Victory to the revolutions of the oppressed Arab people all over the Arab countries against their tyrants and curse is to these tyrant and dictators.

There should be no rule for life and no rule for single family or single person for ever.

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