Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

America backs the Saudi forces to occupy Bahrain and oppressing its citizens

In 1991 America and its allies wage a large war against Iraq after the Iraqi forces entered Kuwait. Saddam Hussein was not even given enough time to negotiate a way of how to settle the issue of what was called the invasion of Kuwait. Following the destruction of the Iraqi infrastructure and the use of depleted uranium the USA and its allies including Britain imposed a barbaric blockade which killed at least one million Iraqi children due to lack of food, medicine and increased cancer rates. Iraq is still suffering especially after the last American invasion and war in 2003. American and its allies hands are stained by the Iraqi children blood.

Today and after the visit of Robert Gate the American defence minister to Bahrain the Saudi Forces entered Bahrain to join the rulers of Bahrain to kill the Bahraini people. America officially backed the Saudi forces to invade Bahrain. The American people are responsible to ask their politicians of how they allow such thing to happen? It is against human rights and not compatible with the basic principles of the UN which prevent other country forces from occupying other country. It makes this even worse if the occupying forces came as oppressing forces to help the dictator of that country to kill his own people.

The invasion of the Saudi forces of Bahrain is not simple occupation but it is an oppressive force to kill the people of Bahrain. This will complicate the issue and it will lead to escalation of the situation rather than solving it. The Saudi forces may be soon needed in the Saudi Arabia itself. On the other hand and as Bahrain is a neighbour country to Iran this will make Iran to mobilize its forces to gain more control of areas in the Gulf as an excuse to protect its interest against Saudi invasion of Bahrain.

It looks as if we are on the verge of another Gulf war in which there will be major changes of powers and the people of the Gulf especially in Bahrain will reject the presence of the American forces in their lands.

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