Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The world should stop Gaddafi’s crimes against humanity

The world represented in its United Nation body has an obligation toward any member of the states if its own people exposed into genocide. The Arab League got similar obligation.

The dictator of Libya Moamar Gaddafi is committing crimes against humanity. Gaddafi is attacking his own people by aircrafts and weapons that are only used in wars between armies and not against civilians. Gaddafi and his sons killed even small children, women and torturing their opponents. Gaddafi is not a normal person but he is a psychopath who may kill everyone opposing him. On the same time Gaddafi distort the facts and will not hesitate to lie or fabricate. Gaddafi is attacking his own people in many cities just because they do not want him in power after 43 years of tyranny and oppression. There are reports from the revolutionaries in Libya that Gaddafi may attack the oil fields in Libya if he feels that he is going to fall. He may also use chemical weapons including Mustard Gas against the people.

Gaddafi is not only challenging his people but he is challenging the whole world. In fact the world is watching the crimes and genocide committed by Gaddafi and not doing anything about it. This is going to allow anyone who may like to use the same way that Gaddafi used to be able to do so. The world should act sooner rather than latter and stop this criminal and bring him to justice.

It is time to act and to show that the world is not living in a Jungle.

The Libyan revolutionaries need help from any civilized one in the world and those who are not helping the freedom and democracy in Libya are either with Gaddafi or against freedom.

The Libyan revolution needs support and the Libyan civilians opposing Gaddafi need protection from the genocides of Gaddafi. It is therefore the world including the UN should have an urgent action such as to impose No-Fly zone over Libya. The UN may order air strikes against the bases that Gaddafi used to attack the people. The other thing that urgently needed is to arm the revolution with anti-aircraft and other missiles and provide them with intelligent details about the movements of Gaddafi troops. Helps are also needed for medical supplies, food and other equipment from the Arab states especially via Egypt and Tunisia.

On the other hand the world should recognize the new Libyan National Council and pull its acknowledgment of Gaddafi as the leader and considering him as a criminal of war. The first states that should do this are the Arab states.

Stopping Gaddafi genocide crimes against humanity is a test that the world is responsible about it now before more crimes are committed and urgently.

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