Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

Hoseni Mubarak Terrorise his People

The dictator of Egypt Houseni Mubarak is now using terror against his own people. He started to use airplane fighters on low level over Cairo to terrorise and scaring the people. He appointed military rulers and pushed more tanks to the streets. However the army disobeyed all the orders came to them to enforce the curfew which is not respected.

Houseni Mubarak security forces were melt after 24 hours and the army disobeyed the orders which pushed HM security forces to produce a condition of tumult against the people.

The condition intensifying in Egypt and functionally the government is falling and the power of HM is already died but he needs to go and leave Egypt for the Egyptians.

The Egypt revolution is now not belonging for some group but everyone involved and today included the religious institute of Azhar and the judicial system. The army is on imminent overall disobey.

The world have the choice now either to be with the Egyptian people or with Hoseni Mubarak regime.

It is now too late for Hoseni Mubarak simply to leave. He should now be arrested and put into a trail.

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