Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

The American crimes against humanity

America is the enemy of the nations especially in the Arab and Islamic world. The most recent events since 1991 and specifically after the downfall of the Soviet Union proved that the enmity of America is to the Arab and Islamic nations.

America is destroying the Arab and Muslim world and interfering with its affairs and supporting the dictators who were imposed with the help of America on these people. America is not only supporting them but giving these rulers the green light to rule by fear, iron fist, suppression, and corruption. America killed at least one million Iraqi children from 1991 especially during the UN sanction on Iraq after the George W Bush war in 1991.

The American policing of the world is not going to continue endless. There is a day when this is going to finish. We know that the history will never stay the same especially if the people decided to rewrite a new chapter in its life. However we should not forget the biggest role in this equation which is the will of Almighty Allah (The God) who will never ignore but postpone for a while. When His will comes no one will be able to stand against it and He will come from the corner where nobody expects it. God Almighty knew the crimes committed by America and its allies, He knew that their hands are stained with the blood of the innocent people and indeed they bathed themselves with this blood.

God Almighty will certainly come with His unexpected power to punish the oppressors. We know by sure that Imam Almahid will come to rule with justice and equity all over the Earth without any doubts but the punishment of the oppressors may come even before that. With Imam Almahdi it will be certain because he will be supported by the angles that no one may be able to see or kill. They do for him that no eye has been seen before and no ear was heard either. He will support the oppressed everywhere and stand against and punish the oppressors and turn their powers into a dust.

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