Bism Allah Alrahman Alrahem

America supporting the tyrant regime in Egypt

This is not a Weakileaks documents but a clear announcement by the US Foreign Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She announced yesterday that she and her regime (the USA) supporting Hoseni Mubarak regime against the people in Egypt!

Hillary Clinton said that her regime in America thinks that the regime of Hoseni Mubarak is stable. She added that the regime in Egypt is looking for a solution out of the problems of the people in Egypt. This is very strong indication that the USA directly involved in what is going in Egypt by supporting the regime against the oppressed people. The USA has no interest in the people of Egypt but about a regime that support Israel and its own interests. The USA is therefore a partner with the Egyptian regime against its own people.

Until today at least 5 Egyptian protestors have been killed and more than a thousand arrested to an unknown destinations by the secret Egyptian police.
It is enough for the Arab people including the Egyptian to have dictators for life and they want to get their wives and sons in the power after them. Above all is the widespread corruption.

The people in East Europe changed their way of life and had democracy after the downfall of the Soviet Union and it is the time for the whole Arab world to change and get democracy. Is that not the big lie that the USA brought with its invasion and war of Iraq? Is it not the USA which declared about supporting the human rights and freedom of talk? However this is not for the Arab world and as it is indicated last night by Hillary Clinton when she said that the Egypt regime is stable and there to stay!

No one trusts the American statements from now on at all and let the USA get its nose out of our life and in the Middle East region including the Gulf region.

Victory is for the Egyptian people toward freedom, democracy and downfall of the dictator regime.

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